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    Home repair

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    default Home repair

    Post by LiztheD on Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:30 am

    I'm trying to replace the toilet seat in one of our bathrooms and the bolts are so long that I nearly twist off my arm trying to get the damn thing out! Why do they have to make them so damn long? I know it's so it fits most toilets but still, geesh my arm is tired!
    Oh yeah while I'm on a rant about toilets, why when a toilet seat breaks down does it always seem to start pinching? It's like getting goosed when you go pee! I think I'm going to take the old seat and paint a scene on it!
    Master Chef

    Female Number of posts : 391
    Age : 42
    Location : LaPine
    Registration date : 2008-05-29

    default Re: Home repair

    Post by LiztheD on Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:23 pm

    Well I got the seat off and the new one on and now I gotta work on the gutters on the outside of the house, they are starting to sag and leak so we are taking them off. They are kinda useless anyway in CO there isn't that much rain and the ice just tears them off anyhow.

    Gotta go out and expand the chicken coop too cause the chicks I hatched are about the size of a cat! The only problem is I have to kill some of the roosters I have and I hate killing my babies.

    The front deck needs repair too, whoever built it didn't put space between boards and now they are sagging and rotting. Evil or Very Mad

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